Julia bind to fzf fuzzy finder
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To use Fzf in Julia REPL, you don't have to use this pacakge if you're already a user of OhMyREPL.jl. Keep reading if you want to use Fzf for your own package or don't want to use OhMyREPL but still want Fzf search.


julia> using JLFzf
julia> a = JLFzf.inter_fzf(["a", "b", "c"], "--read0")
# interactive session happens here, --read0 because we could be searching for multi-line commands in history

julia> @show a
a = "b"

also try JLFzf.inter_fzf(Fzf.read_repl_hist())

Sample startup.jl

import REPL
import REPL.LineEdit
import JLFzf
const mykeys = Dict{Any,Any}(
    # primary history search: most recent first
    "^R" => function (mistate, o, c)
        line = JLFzf.inter_fzf(JLFzf.read_repl_hist(), 
        JLFzf.insert_history_to_repl(mistate, line)
function customize_keys(repl)
    repl.interface = REPL.setup_interface(repl; extra_repl_keymap = mykeys)

when in REPL, press Ctril-R to start a search, mode will be automatically switched upon selecting search results (Pkg>, Help> etc.).

Required Packages