A CMB-space-mission simulator, written in Julia
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Harlequin is a Julia package that simulates the operations of a space mission measuring the CMB. The program includes the following basic features:

  • Generation of pointing information;
  • Simulation of the CMB dipolar signal;
  • Production of maps.

If you are looking for a more mature and comprehensive toolkit, which includes several more features, be sure to have a look at TOAST. This includes a full-scale map-maker (MADAM), beam convolution, half-wave plate simulation, atmospheric effects (useful for ground experiments). Moreover, it uses Python instead of Julia, and it is much better supported on HPC superclusters.

A few advantages of Harlequin over TOAST are the following:


Start the julia prompt and run the following commands:

import Pkg


It is available both for the stable and dev branches.


Harlequin is released under a permissive MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.

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