Voronoi and Delaunay tesselation in arbitrary dimension
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HyperVoronoiDelaunay is to VoronoiDelaunay what hyperplanes (resp. hyperspheres and hyperrectangles) are to planes (resp. spheres and rectangles). It provides an interface for Delaunay and Voronoi tessellations in abritrary dimension. It also support periodic tessellation.

This code was initially part of VoroX.


Here is the timing for finding 3D delaunay triangulation for increasing number of points; see perf/bench.jl.

32 64 128 256 512 1024
qhull 194.664 μs 491.404 μs 1.117 ms 2.591 ms 6.155 ms 13.366 ms
cddlib 2.639 ms 12.862 ms 63.421 ms 316.546 ms 1.449 s 9.339 s

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