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Polyhedra provides an unified interface for Polyhedral Computation Libraries such as CDDLib.jl. These manipulation notably include the transformation from (resp. to) an inequality representation of a polyhedron to (resp. from) its generator representation (convex hull of points + conic hull of rays) and projection/elimination of a variable with e.g. Fourier-Motzkin.

It defines the abstract type Polyhedron and splits the operations on this type in two categories:

  • Mandatory: Operations that needs to be implemented by the Polyhedral Computation Libraries: e.g. Transformation between the two representations described above and variable elimination.
  • Optional: Operations that can be implemented using the other operations and hence have a default implementation: e.g. creation of the polyhedron from the feasible set of a JuMP model, linear transformation, intersection, Minkowski addition, decomposition into points and faces for e.g. 3D visualization using DrakeVisualizer or GLVisualize.jl...


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