Compute Laguerre-Voronoi diagrams in Julia
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Compute Laguerre-Voronoi diagrams in Julia


S = 10 * rand(10, 2) # centers of 10 balls
R = rand(1 : 5, 10) # radii of 10 balls
tri_list, V = LaguerreVoronoi.power_triangulation(S, R)
voronoi_dict = LaguerreVoronoi.compute_voronoi_cells(S, V, tri_list)


  • V: Array{Array{Float64, 1}, 1}
    • containing the vertices of the power triangulation
  • tri_list: Array{Any, 1}
    • containing the triplets for each triangulation
  • voronoi_dict: Dict{Int64,Array{Any,1}}
    • Each entry of the dictionary is an array containing the cell borders. Each cell of that array is a tuple ((i, j), (v, d), s, t) representing a segment v + d * k, with s <= k <= t. The tuple (i, j) refers to the indices of the vertices in V that form that segment. nothing is used to indicate a point in the infinite or an infinite scalar, for rays.

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