Package to compute Amoebas in 2 and 3 variables.
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A package to compute Amoebas in 2 and 3 variables.


Just do

julia> using Pkg;
julia> pkg"add PolynomialAmoebas";

in a running Julia session.

Getting started

To construct polynomials we export the macro @polyvar from the DynamicPolynomials.jl package.

using PolynomialAmoebas
# Create variables
@polyvar x y
# construct a polynomial
f = x^2*y + y^2 + 3x^2*y^3 + y^4 + x^4*y^4

To compute the amoeba of f we then can simply do

A = amoeba(f)

To visualize the amoeba we use the plotting capabilities provided by Plots.jl. Just do

using Plots


There is also a Jupyter notebook available to get an overview over the capabilties of the package. In order to set everything up for this follow the instructions in the IJulia.jl repository.