Trajectory simulations for point particles in Ocean, Atmosphere, etc flow fields
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IndividualDisplacements.jl computes point displacements over a gridded domain. It is geared towards the analysis of Climate, Ocean, etc models (Arakawa C-grids are natively supported) and the simulation of material transports within the Earth System (e.g. plastics or planktons in the Ocean; dusts or chemicals in the Atmosphere).

Inter-operability with popular climate model grids via MeshArrays.jl is an important aspect. The package can read and write individual displacement collection files, including those generated by the MIT general circulation model. IndividualDisplacements's initial test suite is based on global ocean model simulations called ECCO (v4r2) and CBIOMES (alpha) (see Forget et al. 2015).


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The movies highlighted above are from the Global Climatology and Three Dimensional examples. The basic examples shown below are from the Simple 3-D Flow and Simple 2-D Flow notebooks. For more, please report to the docs.

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