A Julia framework for invertible neural networks
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Building blocks for invertible neural networks in the Julia programming language.

  • Memory efficient building blocks for invertible neural networks
  • Hand-derived gradients, Jacobians $J$ , and $\log |J|$
  • Flux integration
  • Support for Zygote and ChainRules
  • GPU support
  • Includes various examples of invertible neural networks, normalizing flows, variational inference, and uncertainty quantification


InvertibleNetworks is registered and can be added like any standard julia package with the command:

] add InvertibleNetworks


The following publications use InvertibleNetworks.jl:

Building blocks

  • 1x1 Convolutions using Householder transformations (example)

  • Residual block (example)

  • Invertible coupling layer from Dinh et al. (2017) (example)

  • Invertible hyperbolic layer from Lensink et al. (2019) (example)

  • Invertible coupling layer from Putzky and Welling (2019) (example)

  • Invertible recursive coupling layer HINT from Kruse et al. (2020) (example)

  • Activation normalization (Kingma and Dhariwal, 2018) (example)

  • Various activation functions (Sigmoid, ReLU, leaky ReLU, GaLU)

  • Objective and misfit functions (mean squared error, log-likelihood)

  • Dimensionality manipulation: squeeze/unsqueeze (column, patch, checkerboard), split/cat

  • Squeeze/unsqueeze using the wavelet transform


  • Invertible recurrent inference machines (Putzky and Welling, 2019) (generic example)

  • Generative models with maximum likelihood via the change of variable formula (example)

  • Glow: Generative flow with invertible 1x1 convolutions (Kingma and Dhariwal, 2018) (generic example, source)

GPU support

GPU support is supported via Flux/CuArray. To use the GPU, move the input and the network layer to GPU via |> gpu

using InvertibleNetworks, Flux

# Input
nx = 64
ny = 64
k = 10
batchsize = 4

# Input image: nx x ny x k x batchsize
X = randn(Float32, nx, ny, k, batchsize) |> gpu

# Activation normalization
AN = ActNorm(k; logdet=true) |> gpu

# Test invertibility
Y_, logdet = AN.forward(X)


This package uses functions from NNlib.jl, Flux.jl and Wavelets.jl


  • Yann Dauphin, Angela Fan, Michael Auli and David Grangier, "Language modeling with gated convolutional networks", Proceedings of the 34th International Conference on Machine Learning, 2017.

  • Laurent Dinh, Jascha Sohl-Dickstein and Samy Bengio, "Density estimation using Real NVP", International Conference on Learning Representations, 2017,

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  • Keegan Lensink, Eldad Haber and Bas Peters, "Fully Hyperbolic Convolutional Neural Networks", arXiv Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2019.

  • Patrick Putzky and Max Welling, "Invert to learn to invert", Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 2019.

  • Jakob Kruse, Gianluca Detommaso, Robert Scheichl and Ullrich Köthe, "HINT: Hierarchical Invertible Neural Transport for Density Estimation and Bayesian Inference", arXiv Statistics and Machine Learning, 2020.


  • Philipp Witte, Georgia Institute of Technolgy (now Microsoft)

  • Gabrio Rizzuti, Utrecht University

  • Mathias Louboutin, Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Ali Siahkoohi, Georgia Institute of Technology

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