Towards more automatic processing of structured data
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JsonGrinder is a collection of routines that facilitates conversion of JSON documents into structures used by Mill.jl project.

It provides schema estimation from data, extraction of various data types to numeric representation with reasonable defaults, suggestion of NN model structure based on data and interactive HTML visualization of estimated schema. For more details, see the documentation.

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Run the following in REPL:

] add JsonGrinder

Getting Started

Four pointers to get you started:


For citing, please use the following entry for the original paper:

      title={Mill.jl and JsonGrinder.jl: automated differentiable feature extraction for learning from raw JSON data}, 
      author={Simon Mandlik and Matej Racinsky and Viliam Lisy and Tomas Pevny},

and the following for this implementation (fill in the used version):

  author = {Tomas Pevny and Matej Racinsky},
  title = {JsonGrinder.jl: a flexible library for automated feature engineering and conversion of JSONs to Mill.jl structures},
  url = {https://github.com/CTUAvastLab/JsonGrinder.jl},
  version = {...},

Contribution guidelines

If you want to contribute to Mill.jl, be sure to review the contribution guidelines.

We use GitHub issues for tracking requests and bugs.