Local Fourier Analysis for arbitrary order finite element type operators
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Local Fourier Analysis for arbitrary order finite element type operators


Local Fourier Analysis is a tool commonly used in the analysis of multigrid and multilevel algorthms for solving partial differential equations via finite element or finite difference methods. This analysis can be used to predict convergence rates and optimize parameters in multilevel methods and preconditioners.

This package provides a toolkit for analyzing the performance of preconditioners for arbitrary, user provided weak forms of partial differential equations.


To install a development version, run

julia --project -e 'using Pkg; Pkg.build(); Pkg.add("./")'

To install and test, run

julia --project -e 'using Pkg; Pkg.build(); Pkg.add("./"); Pkg.test("LFAToolkit")'


Examples can be found in the examples directory, with interactive examples in Jupyter notebooks found in the examples/jupyter directory.

Online Demos

Both of the current online demos are not performing smoothly.

The Binder with interactive Jupyter notebooks takes a long time to start due to the time required to install LFAToolkit.jl and the plotting utilities.

The repl.it often reports a System Error with Disk quota exceeded. Clicking 'Run' again will typically clear the issue within a few attempts.