A pure-Julia .psf simulation data file reader
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The LibPSF.jl module provides a pure-Julia implementation of Henrik Johansson's .psf reader.

Sample Usage

Examples on how to use the LibPSF.jl capabilities can be found under the sample directory.


	julia> Pkg.add("LibPSF")



LibPSF.jl is based off of Henrik Johansson's libpsf library:

Known Limitations

The LibPSF.jl implementation is likely not optimal in terms of speed. There is room for improvement.

Missing Features

LibPSF.jl does not currently support all the functionnality of the original libpsf library. A few features known to be missing are listed below:

  • Does not support StructVector, nor VectorStruct (m_invertstruct).


Extensive compatibility testing of LibPSF.jl has not been performed. The module has been tested using the following environment(s):

  • Linux / Julia-1.1.1 (64-bit)

Repository versions:

This module is based off the following libpsf code (might not be the most recent):

  • libpsf: Sat Nov 29 10:53:38 2014 +0100

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