Parametric analysis/visualization of model/measurement/simulation results
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CMDimCircuits.jl: Process measurement/simulation results from parametric analyses

Galleries: ๐ŸŽจ ./sample/SignalProcessing / ๐ŸŽจ InspectDR.jl package

โ€” "Focus on the analysis itself, not on data manipulation"

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Table of contents

  1. Description
    1. Features/Highlights
  2. Installation
  3. Activating the "C-Data" environment
  4. Sample usage
  5. Programming interface
    1. CMDimCircuits.EDAData: Accessing EDA data files
    2. CMDimCircuits.CircuitAnalysis: Circuit Analysis Tools
    3. CMDimCircuits.NetwAnalysis: Network Analysis Tools
    4. CMDimCircuits.SignalProcessing: {Tโ‡”F}-Domain Analysis Tools
  6. Known limitations
    1. TODO


CMDimCircuits.jl provides an environment (a set of tools) to efficiently post-process and analyze results from circuit measurement & simulation:

  • [MDDatasets.jl][MDDatasetsJL]: Easily handle "parametric analysis" data using a simple, multi-dimensional container, and provide struct DataF1 to represent {x,y} vectors as a continuous function of 1 argument: y=f(x).
  • [CMDimData.jl][CMDimDataJL]/EasyPlot: Easily plot "parametric analysis" data using a backend of your choosing.
  • [CMDimData.jl][CMDimDataJL]/EasyData: Easily save "parametric analysis" data to a single .hdf5 file.
  • Various EDA file readers/writers.

More specifically, the goal is to provide an analysis framework leading to minimal code, written in a natural, and readable fashion. The following describes a typical workflow enabled by this package:

  1. Read in complex multi-dimensional input data from measurement/simulation results.
  2. Treat transient datasets as continuous-time (automatically interpolate when time steps are mismatched).
  3. Perform the same operation on all parametric sweeps (usually) without having to write explicit loops.
  4. Quickly generate plots that shed light on the studied phenomenon.
    1. Select from a multitude of plotting backends (possibly at a later date).
  5. Save both data & plot configuration to a single .hdf5 file.
    1. Reload plot & data for further investigation at a later time.


  • Support for popular EDA file formats: (.tr0, .psf, .sNp).
  • Plot the results of multi-dimensional parametric analyses with a single command.


CMDimCircuits.jl is registered with Julia's General registry. It can be installed using Julia's built-in package manager:

julia> ]
pkg> add CMDimCircuits
pkg> add CMDimData
pkg> add MDDatasets

Note that CMDimData.jl & MDDatasets.jl will automatically be installed alongside CMDimCircuits.jl. However, add-ing them explicitly gives code from the active project/environment direct access to their corresponding features.

Moreover, it is highly suggested to install InspectDR.jl. It is the most tested integration for plotting at the moment:

julia> ]
pkg> add InspectDR

Activating the "C-Data" environment

The "C-Data" environment provides a collection of tools to generate/process parametric analysis data & better visualize (see) mathematical relationships buried within. To activate C-Data, you must call the @using_CData macro:

using CMDimCircuits

Note that CMDimCircuits.@using_CData imports the following modules to your scope:

using MDDatasets
using CMDimData
using CMDimData.EasyPlot
using CMDimCircuits.CircuitAnalysis
using CMDimCircuits.NetwAnalysis
using CMDimCircuits.SignalProcessing
using CMDimCircuits.EDAData

Note that no plotting backend was imported. You must therefore "import" your preferred plotting library using the procedure described here.

Sample usage

Examples of how to use CMDimCircuits.jl are provided in the sample/ subdirectory.

A few examples are organized by module:

Galleries: ๐ŸŽจ ./sample/SignalProcessing (might be out of date).

Tip: Querying available method signatures

In Julia, a good way to see the methods available for a particular function is to run:

julia> methods([FUNCTION_NAME])

Given the multitude of optional/keyword agruments in some functions, it is currently best to take a look at the samples provided above.

Known limitations



Extensive compatibility testing of the CMDimCircuits.jl package has not been performed. It has been tested in the following environment(s):

  • Windows 10 / Linux / Julia-1.3.1


The CMDimCircuits.jl package is not yet mature. Expect significant changes.

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