A pure-Julia SPICE data file reader
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The SpiceData.jl module provides a pure-Julia SPICE data file reader inspired by Michael H. Perrott's CppSim reader.

Sample Usage

Examples on how to use the SpiceData.jl capabilities can be found under the sample directory.


	julia> Pkg.add("SpiceData")


CppSim and NGspice Data Modules for Python

The following are links to Michael H. Perrott's original tools:

Known Limitations

Supported file formats

SpiceData currently supports the following SPICE file formats:

  • 9601 (32-bit x-values & 32-bit y-values)
  • 9602 (CppSim-specific format? 64-bit x-values & 64-bit y-values?)
  • 2001 (64-bit x-values & 64-bit y-values)
  • 2013 (64-bit x-values & 32-bit y-values)


Extensive compatibility testing of SpiceData.jl has not been performed. The module has been tested using the following environment(s):

  • Linux / Julia-1.3.1 (64-bit)

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