Provides some license checking functionality in Julia by wrapping some of the Go library `licencecheck` and supplying some utilities
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This package exposes some simple license-checking capabilities in Julia.

  • Exports a Julia function licensecheck which wraps some of the functionality of the Go library licensecheck. This function takes a single string argument text and returns a vector of the names of licenses (in fact, the SPDX identifiers of the licenses) matched in text and the percent of the text covered by these matches.
  • Exports is_osi_approved, which given an SDPX 3.10 identifier, checks if the corresponding license is OSI approved.
  • Exports find_license(dir) which attempts to find the most likely license file in a directory dir, as well as find_licenses, find_licenses_by_bruteforce, find_licenses_by_list_intersection, and find_licenses_by_list which offer various methods for doing so, each returning a table of possible results.

See the docstrings for more details.

Note that the licensecheck library is available under a BSD-3-Clause license (, while the wrapping code here is MIT licensed.


julia> using LicenseCheck

julia> text = read(joinpath(pkgdir(LicenseCheck), "LICENSE"), String);

julia> result = licensecheck(text)
(licenses_found = ["MIT"], license_file_percent_covered = 98.82352941176471)

julia> all(is_osi_approved, result.licenses_found)

julia> is_osi_approved(result) # convenience method for the above

julia> find_license(pkgdir(LicenseCheck))
(license_filename = "LICENSE", licenses_found = ["MIT"], license_file_percent_covered = 98.82352941176471)

julia> is_osi_approved(find_license(pkgdir(LicenseCheck)))

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