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Package to analyze the prevalence of documentation, testing and continuous integration in Julia packages in a given registry.


The package works on Julia v1.6 and following versions.

To install the package, in Julia's REPL, press ] to enter the Pkg mode and run the command

add https://github.com/JuliaEcosystem/PackageAnalyzer.jl

Alternatively, you can run

using Pkg

Quick example

julia> using PackageAnalyzer

julia> analyze("Flux")
Package Flux:
  * repo: https://github.com/FluxML/Flux.jl.git
  * uuid: 587475ba-b771-5e3f-ad9e-33799f191a9c
  * is reachable: true
  * Julia code in `src`: 5496 lines
  * Julia code in `test`: 2432 lines (30.7% of `test` + `src`)
  * documentation in `docs`: 1533 lines (21.8% of `docs` + `src`)
  * documentation in README: 10 lines
  * has license(s) in file: MIT
    * filename: LICENSE.md
    * OSI approved: true
  * number of contributors: 159 (and 7 anonymous contributors)
  * number of commits: 3794
  * has `docs/make.jl`: true
  * has `test/runtests.jl`: true
  * has continuous integration: true
    * GitHub Actions
    * Buildkite

See the docs for more!


The PackageAnalyzer.jl package is licensed under the MIT "Expat" License. The original author is Mosè Giordano.

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