PAGE-2020 - a Julia implementation of the PAGE Integrated Assessment Model
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PAGE-2020 - Open-Source Repository for the PAGE-2020 Integrated Assessment Model

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PAGE-2020 (Policy Analysis of Greenhouse Effect, v. 2020) is a cost-benefit Integrated Assessment Model. It builds upon the PAGE-ICE model, developed by Yumashev et al. (2019).

The main advancements for the PAGE-2020 are:

  • Extended and corrected SSP data
  • Improved market damages, based on Burke et al. (2015).
  • Partial growth feedbacks
  • Optional annual timesteps and variability

Software Requirements

You need to install julia 1.1 or newer to run this model.

The model uses the Mimi framework, and you will want to install the Mimi package into your julia environment:

pkg> add Mimi

Running the Model

Iit is highly recommended to read the Mimi documentation first to understand the code structure. For starter code on running the model just once, see the code in the file examples/main.jl.

More documentation

More documentation is available under the docs directory.

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