Tools to interact with MITgcm (setup, run, output, plot, etc)
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Set of tools for running MITgcm, analyzing its output, and/or modifying its inputs. A set of Pluto.jl notebooks, which e.g. run MITgcm interactively, can be found in the examples/ folder.

Examples / How-To

To load one of the notebooks using Pluto.jl:

  1. open julia in terminal window
  2. type the following commands at the Julia prompt
  3. in browser, open one of the notebooks listed hereafter
using Pluto
Examples / Running Models
  • MITgcm_configurations.jl : explore MITgcm configurations and their parameters.
  • MITgcm_worklow.jl : build, setup, run, and plot for any standard configuration.
  • MITgcm_run.jl : a more detailed look into compiling and running the model.
Examples / Analyzing Results
  • HS94_plotmap.jl : read hs94.cs-32x32x5 output, interpolate, and plot map
  • HS94_particles.jl : compute particle trajectories from hs94.cs-32x32x5 output
  • HS94_Makie.jl : example using Makie.jl instead of Plots.jl