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A Julia installation v1.3 or higher is required.

Magnitude and Phase images in NIfTI fileformat (4D images with echoes in the 4th dimension)


Open the Julia REPL and type

julia> ] # enter julia package manager
(v1.5) pkg> add MriResearchTools
(v1.5) pkg> # type backspace to get back to the julia REPL

Quick Start

Open multi-echo 4D NIfTI phase and magnitude files and perform ROMEO phase unwrapping.

using MriResearchTools
# input images
TEs = [4,8,12]
nifti_folder = joinpath("test", "data", "small")
magfile = joinpath(nifti_folder, "Mag.nii") # Path to the magnitude image in nifti format, must be .nii or .hdr
phasefile = joinpath(nifti_folder, "Phase.nii") # Path to the phase image
# load images
mag = readmag(magfile)
phase = readphase(phasefile)
# unwrap
unwrapped = romeo(phase; mag=mag, TEs=TEs)
# save unwrapped image
outputfolder = "outputFolder"
savenii(unwrapped, "unwrapped", outputfolder, header(phase))

Included Functionality

ROMEO 3D/4D Phase Unwrapping
romeo unwrap unwrap_individual

Laplacian unwrapping

MCPC-3D-S multi-echo coil combination

Reading, writing and other functions for NIfTI files (adapted from JuliaIO/NIfTI)
readphase readmag niread savenii header write_emptynii

Magnitude homogeneity correction (example)

Simple robust masking (threshold)

Combine multiple coils or echoes (magnitude only)

Unwarping of B0 dependent shifts
getVSM thresholdforward unwarp

Fast gaussian smoothing for real, complex data and phase (via complex smoothing)
gaussiansmooth3d gaussiansmooth3d_phase

  • standard
  • weighted
  • with missing values

Fast numeric estimation of T2* and R2*
NumART2star r2s_from_t2s

Other functions
robustrescale getHIP getsensitivity getscaledimage estimatequantile estimatenoise

Methods are implemented from these Publications


Dymerska, B., Eckstein, K., Bachrata, B., Siow, B., Trattnig, S., Shmueli, K., Robinson, S.D., 2020. Phase Unwrapping with a Rapid Opensource Minimum Spanning TreE AlgOrithm (ROMEO). Magnetic Resonance in Medicine.


Eckstein, K., Dymerska, B., Bachrata, B., Bogner, W., Poljanc, K., Trattnig, S., Robinson, S.D., 2018. Computationally Efficient Combination of Multi-channel Phase Data From Multi-echo Acquisitions (ASPIRE). Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 79, 2996–3006.

Homogeneity Correction

Eckstein, K., Trattnig, S., Robinson, S.D., 2019. A Simple Homogeneity Correction for Neuroimaging at 7T, in: Proceedings of the 27th Annual Meeting ISMRM. Presented at the ISMRM, Montréal, Québec, Canada.

NumART2* - fast T2* and R2* fitting

Hagberg, G.E., Indovina, I., Sanes, J.N., Posse, S., 2002. Real-time quantification of T2* changes using multiecho planar imaging and numerical methods. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 48(5), 877-882.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE for details


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