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Helper files for using Julia with MTH229.

This is installed with

] add https://github.com/mth229/MTH229.jl

(This command can be issued at a command line or just by itself within an IJulia cell.)

This should also install several other packages we make use of (Roots, SymPy)

A plotting package must be installed, among Plots, SimplePlots, or Makie. For example, this command will install SimplePlots:

] add SimplePlots

(SimplePlots is a stripped-down and faster-to-load version of the Plots package.)

To use this package we have to load it into a session with the command:

using MTH229

Optionally, a plotting package can be loaded, such as SimplePlots with using SimplePlots.

To find out what is in the package read the help page for the package:



MTH229 at CSI has several "projects."

These can be accessed online through binder.

These can be installed locally by copying and pasting then executing the following commands

using MTH229.ZipFile
zf = "https://www.github.com/mth229/229-projects/archive/master.zip"
zarchive = ZipFile.Reader(download(zf))
dirnm = "./229-projects-master"
isdir(dirnm) && error("Directory $dirnm already exists")


for f in zarchive.files
    nm = f.name
    occursin("ipynb", nm) || continue
    @show nm
    open(nm, "w") do io
        write(io, read(f, String))