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!!! note "Failing currently with newer arm version of Mac OSX" It does work with the rosetta version for Mac OSX

Helper files for using Julia with MTH229.

To use package (and a plotting package) issue the command:

using MTH229
using Plots

If using Julia version 1.7 or higher, or using Pluto as an interface, this package will be installed on demand. The installation may take a bit of time to download the necessary files, but this is only done the first time.

For other uses, the package can be installed with commands like:

import Pkg

(This command can be issued at a command line or just by itself within an IJulia cell.)

In addition to MTH229 and Plots, this should also install several other packages we make use of (Roots, SymPy) in MTH 229 at the College of Staten Island.

To use this package we have to load it into a session with the command:

using MTH229, Plots

That also loads a plotting package.

To find out what is in the package read the help page for the package:



MTH229 at CSI has several "projects."

These can be accessed online through binder.

These can be installed locally by copying and pasting then executing the following commands

using MTH229.ZipFile
zf = "https://www.github.com/mth229/229-projects/archive/master.zip"
zarchive = ZipFile.Reader(download(zf))
dirnm = "./229-projects-master"
isdir(dirnm) && error("Directory $dirnm already exists")


for f in zarchive.files
    nm = f.name
    occursin("ipynb", nm) || continue
    @show nm
    open(nm, "w") do io
        write(io, read(f, String))

There are also Pluto notebooks available.

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