A dummy package for the Julia Concise Tutorial
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A dummy package for the Julia Concise Tutorial

To create a new package (let's say MyPackage):

  • fork this package in your own or your organisation account (let's say MyUser)
  • from the github interface:
    • edit the file to update the badges
    • edit the Project.toml file to change package name, author, dependences and UUID (you can get a new UUID from a Julia prompt with using UUIDs; uuid1())
    • edit the file .github/workflows/ci.yml to update the package name
    • rename the file src/MyAwesomePackage.jl and edit its content (docstring and module name) to reflect the new name
    • in docs/make.jl rename all the occurrences of MyAwesomePackage to MyPackage (including the account/organisation name where to deploy the documentation)
    • update docs/src/ and docs/src/
  • get it in julia. From a Julia prompt type ] [ENTER] to enter the pkg prompt and then add
  • declare you want to develop it. Still from the pkg prompt, type; dev MyPackage. Your new package will be in [JULIA_ROOT]/dev/MyPackage.

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