Collection of layers that can perform arithmetic operations
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Neural Arithmetic

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Collection of layers that can perform arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a single layer. Implements NMU & NAU, NPU (ours), NALU, and iNALU. They can all be used with Flux.jl.

Additionally there are FastNAU and FastNPU for use with DiffEqFlux.jl.

A Simple Example

The script examples/npu.jl illustrates how to learn a the function f

f(x,y) = (x+y, x*y, x/y, sqrt(x))

with a stack of NPU and NAU. An NPU with two inputs x and y can perform x^a * y^b for each hidden variable (i.e. multiplication, division, and other power functions of its inputs). The NAU is just a matmul, so it can perform a*x + b*y (i.e. addition/subtraction).

The image below depicts the learned weights of the model compared to the perfect solution. The first plot shows the real weights of the NPU, where the first row forms the first hidden activation h1 = x^1*y^(-1) = x/y, the second row forms the second hidden activation h2 = x^1*y^1 = x*y, and the sqaure root is computed in rows 3 and 4 (which can be pruned with a more effective regularisation). The imaginary weights of the NPU are not needed in this application, so they are all zero. The NAU performs the remaining addition in the first row of the plot on the right.


Comparing Neural Arithmetic Units

The figure below compares the extrapolation performance of the existing Neural Arithmetic Units on the same task as above. Bright colors indicate low error. All units were trained on the input range U(0.1,2). For more details take a look at our paper and the code to reproduce the image below.


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