Julia client for OmniSci GPU-accelerated SQL engine and analytics platform
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JuliaCon 2019 OmniSci.jl announcement:
Announcement blog post: Announcing OmniSci.jl: A Julia Client for OmniSci


This package is not officially supported by OmniSci, Inc. and is maintained only on a best-effort basis.


This package is an Apache Thrift-based client for OmniSci, with similar functionality to our Python package pymapd. Because of the rapid pace of OmniSciDB development, this package will attempt to always run against the most recent version of OmniSci. In most cases, OmniSci.jl should be backwards compatible to the last few OmniSciDB releases, but if you run into an issue, the first step would be to run the OmniSci.jl test suite against the newest stable CPU Docker image to validate the tests pass.

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