Find peaks (local extrema) of signals
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Peaks.jl contains peak (local extrema) finding functions for vector data. Contributions welcome.


  • argmaxima/argminima

    • Find the indices of the local extrema of x where each extrema is either the maximum of x[-w:w] or the first index of a plateau. If strictbounds is true, all elements of x[-w:w] must exist and may not be missing or NaN. If strictbounds is false, elements of x[-w:w] may not exist (eg peaks may be less than w indices from either end of x), or may be missing or NaN.
    • Supports OffsetArrays
    • See docstring for more information
  • findmaxima/findminima => (indices, values)

    • Return the indices and values of local extrema
  • peakprom

    • Find all local extrema and peak prominences in x matching the conditions w and minprom. w sets the minimum allowed distance between extrema. minprom sets the minimum prominence (inclusive) of returned extrema. Peak prominence is calculated as the difference between the current extrema and the most extreme of the smallest extrema of the lower and upper bounds. Bounds extend from the current extrema to the next element more extreme than the current extrema, or the end of the signal, which ever comes first.
    • See docstring for more information


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