'Pareto optimal' package recommendations for your current dependencies.
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PkgSwaps makes recommendations for switching out Julia packages you are using for 'superior' packages, where 'superior' is defined as other packages in the Julia package registry having made the same swap. For example, if package A depends on package B and then in a subsequent version drops package B and adds package C, PkgSwaps records this as a choice for C over B. If your environment currently has package B, PkgSwaps will then suggest you consider using package C in place of package B.

PkgSwaps assumes that the General package registry accurately reflects the decisions of engaged package maintainers in their aim of developing the best packages possible. PkgSwaps takes advantage of these publicly available decisions in order to nudge use of 'Pareto optimal' dependency sets.

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How to use this package?

  1. Activate the environment you want analyzed
using Pkg

  1. Run the following
using PkgSwaps


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