Configure stuff with PlutoUI and CLI
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A tiny library that can wrap PlutoUI.jl elements so they can be used as command line arguments too.


Wrap Arg(<option name>, <control element>) around your control elements.

@bind enabled Arg("enabled", CheckBox())
@bind vegetable Arg("vegetable", MultiSelect(["potato", "carrot", "beetroot"]); required=false)

Run this in Pluto to get UI controls, or from the CLI like this:

julia <path to script> --enabled true --vegetable potato carrot

Arg is the only interface, so this is the entire documentation:

    Arg(name::String, element; required=true, short_name=nothing, type=nothing)

Construct a wrapper around a Pluto element that is a CLI option called
--<name> if not run from Pluto.

Keyword arguments:
- `required`: if passing this option is required if running from CLI. If
    `required == false` and the option is not passed, the `initial_value`of the 
    PlutoUI element will be taken.
- `short_name`: the single-dashed short cli name, if you pass "k" it will be -k
- `type`: override type to convert the CLI argument into, if `nothing`, the type of
    `initial_value` will be considered
- `args`: CLI args (defaults to `ARGS`)

Sample notebook

The notebook run_in_pluto_or_cli.jl has a few examples that you can try.


  • Using a self-cooked argument parsing that will probably break sometimes
  • One generic small function for all elements, so probably won't always work as expected
  • No argument overview or help text, as everything is dynamic
  • PlutoArgs does not complain if an argument doesn't exist, because it might be needed later
  • Arguments are not (yet) validated but will be once Pluto supports validate_value

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