Package for generating and parsing .pomdpx files for SARSOP
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This module provides an interface for generating .pomdpx files that can be used with the SARSOP.jl. This module leverages the API defined in POMDPs.jl.



The module provides an interface for generating files for both POMDPs and MOMDPs.

Module Types

  • AbstractPOMDPXFile
  • POMDPXFile
  • MOMDPXFile


Make sure that your model is defined according to the API in POMDPs.jl.

pomdp = YourPOMDP() # intialize your pomdp
pomdpx = POMDPX("my_pomdp.pomdpx") # for pomdp
pomdpx = MOMDPX("my_pomdp.pomdpx") # for momdp
write(pomdp, pomdpx) # creates a pomdpx file called my_pomdp.pomdpx

MOMDPs (Deprecated)

While MOMDPs are no longer officially supported, you can look at how they were handled in an older version of POMDPs.jl in this branch