Julia package that wraps the SARSOP software for solving POMDPs/MDPs
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This Julia package wraps the SARSOP software for offline POMDP planning. It works with the POMDPS.jl interface. A module for writing POMDPX files is provided through the POMDPXFile.jl package, and is a dependency for SARSOP.jl.

For a pure Julia implementation that avoids the pomdpx file bottleneck, see NativeSARSOP.


It is recommended that you have POMDPs.jl installed. To install SARSOP and its Julia wrapper run the following command:

] add SARSOP

Example Usage

using POMDPs
using SARSOP
using POMDPModels

pomdp = TigerPOMDP()
solver = SARSOPSolver()
policy = solve(solver, pomdp)


Detailed documentation can be found here.


The supporting SARSOP_jll package was created using BinaryBuilder.jl. The build_tarballs.jl script can be found on Yggdrasil, the community build tree. To update and build new binaries:


SARSOP.jl uses the APPL library.

APPL is released under GNU GPL v2.0 and uses the following external libraries, which have their own licenses:

  • ZMDP Which uses the Apache 2.0 license.
  • tinyxml Which uses the zlib license.

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