A dynamically-structured matrix population model
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sPop2: a dynamically-structured matrix population model


This is the standalone Julia library of the dynamically-structured matrix population model sPop2. This version implements both age-dependent and accumulative processes.


Just type this in Julia:

    using Pkg

Alternatively, one could clone or download and extract the development version from this GitHub repository, and use the package as follows.

    using Pkg
    Pkg.add("Absolute path to the Population.jl directory")

    using Population

Using the library

The following creates a pseudo-structured population with 10 individuals and iterates it one step with 0 mortality and an Erlang-distributed development time of 20±5 steps.

    pop = sPop2(PopDataSto())
    AddProcess(pop, AccErlang())
    AddPop(pop, 10)
    pr = (devmn=20.0, devsd=5.0)
    size, completed, poptabledone = StepPop(pop, pr)

Please see docs for further information.


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