Extensions to PyCall.jl
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Extensions to PyCall.jl

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using Pkg
pkg"add PyCallUtils"


using PyCall, PyCallUtils

Import modules and functions from python elegantly

@imports numpy as np
@from datetime imports datetime

Transfer SparseMatrixCSC to/from scipy

using SparseArrays
x = sprand(100, 100, 0.5)
@assert convert(SparseMatrixCSC, PyObject(x)) == x

Serialize/Deserialize python object to BSON.jl

using BSON
BSON.@save "test.bson" x = np.sin

Make getindex/setindex! behave exactly like in python

@imports pandas as pd
df = pd.DataFrame(Dict(:name => ["a", "b"], :age => [27, 30]))
@assert df.loc[1, "age"] == 30
sr = pd.Series([3, 5], index = [:a, :b])
@assert all(sr.iloc[0:1] == sr)
@assert all(sr.iloc[:] == sr)