Julia package for quantum circuit generation
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Circuit composition and translation package for QuantEx project. Creates a backend-agnostic algorithm and circuit composition framework, which can subsequently be used to generate quantum algorithm representations for running on a variety of different backends.

Integrates with QXRun.jl to perform full end-to-end demonstrations of quantum circuit simulation as part of the QuantEx project.


The prototype comes in the form of a Julia package which is targeted to versions of Julia from v1.5 on. Binaries and source for this can be downloaded from https://julialang.org/.

Once installed, from the Julia REPL prompt navigate to the QXZoo.jl folder and activate the environment, instantiate it and then build QXZoo.jl. This should install dependencies specified in the Project.toml and Manifest.toml files as well as carry out any package specific build tasks detailed in deps/build.jl. To use a custom python environment see the section below on using different python environments.

]activate .
]build QXZoo

Running the unittests

Unittests can be run from the QXZoo root folder with

julia --project=. tests/runtests.jl

Building the documentation

This package uses Documenter.jl to generate html documentation from the sources. To build the documentation, run the make.jl script from the docs folder.

cd docs && julia make.jl

The documentation will be placed in the build folder and can be hosted locally by starting a local http server with

cd build && python3 -m http.server

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