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YaoQX is not yet registered so to install will need to provide full github path.

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The following shows a very simple usage of YaoQX

using YaoQX

# create a YaoBlocks circuit
circ = ghz(3)

# create a quantum register and apply the circuit
reg = QXReg(3)
apply!(reg, circ)

# get 10 measurements
measure(reg; nshots=10)

In this example a circuit of type YaoBlocks is created. This is applied to a quantum register. A measurement is then performed which returns 10 bitstrings and corresponding amplitudes. Note that the bistrings returned are currently not distributed according to the output distribution, but instead of just uniformly sampled. This will be addressed in future updates when more advanced sampling methods are added to JuliaQX.

YaoQX can also be used to convert YaoBlocks circuits to a TensorNetworkCircuit struct that can then be used with the QXTools framework.

using YaoQX
using QXTools

# create a YaoBlocks circuit
circ = ghz(3)

# convert to a TensorNetworkCircuit
tnc = convert_to_tnc(circ)

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