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Julia Bindings for libRoadRunner

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This project represents a set of Julia ( bindings to libRoadRunner ( libRoadrunner is a SBML compliant high performance and simulation engine for systems and synthetic biology. This RoadRunner.jl package supports SBML and Antimony ( files as input. If you use any of the software, please please cite the article ( and GitHub website ( Thanks.

Quick Start

julia> import Pkg
julia> Pkg.add("RoadRunner")
julia> using RoadRunner


The documentation can be found at:

The main code of this package is based on the existed software of libRoadRunner and libAntimony.

src/RoadRunner.jl and src/rrc_utilities_binding.jl refer to the documentation of libRoadRunner

src/antimony_binding.jl refers to the documentation of libAntimony C API-antimony_api.h (


This current version of Julia package is suitable for Window 64 and Linux, and it is compliant for Julia version 1.1-1.6.


An example illustrating how to load an SBML file.

using RoadRunner
sbmlFile = "\\path\\to\\file.xml"
f = open(sbmlFile)
sbmlStr = read(f,String)
rr = RoadRunner.createRRInstance()
RoadRunner.loadSBML(rr, sbmlStr)

An example showing how to load a model in Antimony format.

using RoadRunner
ant_str = """    
    const Xo, X1
    Xo -> S1; k1*Xo - k2*S1
    S1 -> S2; k3*S1
    S2 -> X1; k4*S2

    Xo = 1;   X1 = 0
    S1 = 0;   S2 = 0
    k1 = 0.1; k2 = 0.56
    k3 = 1.2; k4 = 0.9
rr = RoadRunner.loada(ant_str)

We thank Luke Zhu ( for his assisting and initiating this Julia package!

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