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julia> chains
3003-element MultiChain with 3 chains and schema (σ = Float64, α = Float64, β = Vector{Float64})
(σ = 0.9±0.88, α = -5.1±10.0, β = [-0.0±0.9, 0.04±0.99, 0.04±1.1, 0.02±0.92, 0.06±0.95])

Some features (many still in progress):

  • Simple visual representation
  • "Samples first", though diagnostic information is easily available
  • Each Chain can be indexed as a Vector, or as a NamedTuple
  • Interrupting (CTRL-C) returns the current chain, including iterator information so work can be resumed
  • Built on ElasticArrays to make it easy to add new samples after the fact
  • Adaptable to many different sampling algorithms, including with or without (log-)weights
  • Easy summarization functions: expectations per-dimension quantiles, etc

In progress:

  • More back-ends (currently just DynamicHMC, using SampleChainsDynamicHMC)
  • Diagnostic warnings during sampling
  • Callbacks for plotting, etc
  • Sample count based on desired standard error of a specified expected value
  • Summarization by different functions
    • Highest posterior density intervals
    • R-hat statistics