SatelliteDynamics.jl is a satellite dynamics modeling package written for Julia.
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SatelliteDynamics package is meant to address the needs of the satellite operator, academic researcher, and public enthusiast communities.

Current high-fidelity satellite dynamics modeling software generally falls into two camps:

  1. It is commercially licensed and closed-source code, making it difficult, if not impossible, to be used by hobbyists and academic researchers.
  2. There is a steep learning curve which makes correct use of the underlying libraries difficult.

These two challenges make it an unfortunately common occurance that guidance, navigation, and control engineers will frequently reimplement common astrodynamics libraries for each new project.

With these two deficienties in mind, SatelliteDynamics.jl aims to provide a open-source, MIT-licensed, high fidelity astrodynamics toolbox to help make it easy to perform high-quality simulation and analysis of satellite attitude and orbit dynamics.

Getting Started: Installation And First Steps

To install the package, use the following command inside the Julia REPL:


To load the package, use the command:

using SatelliteDynamics


The documentation for the package can be found here:

More example code and more thorough documentation will be added as time permits.

Development Roadmap

These are currently features lacking from SatelliteDynamics, but being considered for future development. Please feel free to leave feedback or comments here:

Future Feature List