A Julia Package for handling Spherical Geometry
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A Julia Package for handling Spherical Geometry. Spherical geometry is the geometry of the two-dimensional surface of a sphere. This package only handles geometries generated using great circle sections (arcs).

Angles are specified in [deg].


  • Point: specified by latitude ϕ [deg] and longitude λ [deg]
  • Arc: specified as the shortest great circle between two points.
  • Line: is a great circle line specified by a point and azimuth [deg]
  • Arcs: is a string of continuous line sections defined by a set of points.
  • Polygon: is a spherical polygon defined by a set of points.

It includes the calculation of:

  • The angular distance to a point, line, arc, multi-arc, or polygon border
  • The along line angular distance between a point and a line.
  • The intersection points between lines, arcs, multi-arcs, and polygon borders.
  • The self intersection points of multi-arcs and polygon borders
  • The bounding box of a given polygon or set of arcs.
  • The convexhull of a given polygon.
  • The normalized point
  • The (final) azimuth [deg] between two points
  • The spherical angle [deg] and spherical excess [deg] between three points
  • The midpoint between two points, of an arc, of an arcs
  • The intermediate point at a given fraction between two points, of an arc, of an arcs
  • The destination point given a start point, a direction and distance.
  • The intersection points of arcs, and polygons
  • The self intersection points of arcs or a polygon
  • The highest/lowest latitude (point) of a great circle
  • The area of a polygon/spherical triangle given a radius

And testing if:

  • a point, arc, arcs or polygon is inside a polygon
  • a point is on a line, arc, arcs or polygon border (within tolerance)
  • a polygon/arcs is self-isselfintersecting
  • a polygon is simple, complex, convex or concave

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