Installer for SpmImage Tycoon
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Installer for SpmImage Tycoon

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Installer for the world-famous SpmImage Tycoon - a cross-platform app to manage and edit scanning probe microscopy images and spectra.




Please only use the app if you read the disclaimer on the SpmImage Tycoon project page.

Usage is simple:

  1. Install Julia
  2. Start Julia and type the following two commands:
using Pkg
using SpmImageTycoonInstaller

This will install a compiled version of SpmImage Tycoon. The installation will typically take 10 to 20 minutes and take up around 1 GB of space. The same procedure can be used to update to the latest version.

The compiled version will start fast, even on the first run.

Tested on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. However, so far, on MacOS no shortcuts/aliases are created.


Startup of compiled version

Known issues

Please make sure to use Julia 1.8. I have tested the installer on Windows 11, Ubuntu/WSL, Manjaro 22, as well as macOS x86. Installations worked well, except for certain configurations of Manjaro Linux. Here, the package compilation errored, likely related to this bug. As a workaround, install Julia via the official binaries (instead of via the distro's package manager).


If you use SpmImage Tycoon for your scientific work, please consider citing it:


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Tips and tricks

To get rid of the console window under Windows, you can install AutoHotkey. This will be automatically detected and extra Start Menu and Desktop will be made that start the app without the console window.

Get in touch and contribute

Please post issues, suggestions, and pull requests on github. Follow me on twitter for updates and more information about this project: Twitter

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  • SpmImages.jl: Julia library to read and display SPM images.
  • SpmSpectroscopy.jl: Julia library to read and analyze SPM spectra.
  • SpmGrids.jl: Julia library to read and analyze SPM grid spectroscopy.
  • imagex: Python scripts to analyze scanning probe images.
  • gridex: Python scripts to analyze 3D grid data.

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