Initializes and sets up reference elements and physical meshes for DG.
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Routines to initialize reference element operators, physical mesh arrays, and connectivity for nodal discontinuous Galerkin (DG) methods. Codes roughly based on Nodal Discontinuous Galerkin Methods by Hesthaven and Warburton (2007). Original port from Matlab to Julia by Yimin Lin.

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Usage overview

Variables are contained within structs rd::RefElemData and md::MeshData. These structs contain variables from Globals1D, Globals2D, Globals3D in the Nodal DG book codes. Variables can be unpacked using @unpack.

using StartUpDG

# polynomial degree and mesh size
N = 3
K1D = 8

# init ref element and mesh
rd = RefElemData(Tri(),N)
VX,VY,EToV = uniform_mesh(Tri(),K1D)
md = MeshData(VX,VY,EToV,rd)

# Define a function by interpolation
@unpack x,y = md
u = @. 2 + .5*exp(-100*(x^2+y^2))

# Compute derivatives using geometric mapping + chain rule
@unpack Dr,Ds = rd
@unpack rxJ,sxJ,J = md
dudx = (rxJ.*(Dr*u) + sxJ.*(Ds*u))./J

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