A Tables.jl compatible table viewer based on ag-grid
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TableView.jl is an ag-grid based table viewer built on WebIO.jl. It can display arbitrarily large tables by lazy-loading additional data when scrolling (this is the default for datasets with more than 10k rows).



showtable(yourtable) returns a WebIO.Scope which can be displayed with multiple frontends (e.g. IJulia, Blink, Juno...). See the WebIO readme for information on that.


When trying to display big tables (>10k rows) we switch to lazy-loading additional rows while scrolling, which disables the filtering/sorting that's possible for smaller datasets. It's possible (but not trivial) to write proper backend support for those operations -- PRs would be very welcome.

ag-grid Enterprise

Setting the AG_GRID_LICENSE_KEY environment variable at build and run time will use the enterprise distribution instead of the normal community distribution.

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