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DEPRECIATED :: The ThreePhasePowerModels.jl package name is depreciated, v0.3.2 is the final release version with this name. Going forward, please use PowerModelsDistribution.jl (



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ThreePhasePowerModels.jl is an extention package of PowerModels.jl for Steady-State Power Distribution Network Optimization. It is designed to enable computational evaluation of emerging power network formulations and algorithms in a common platform. The code is engineered to decouple problem specifications (e.g. Power Flow, Optimal Power Flow, ...) from the power network formulations (e.g. AC, linear-approximation, SOC-relaxation, ...). This enables the definition of a wide variety of power network formulations and their comparison on common problem specifications.

Core Problem Specifications

  • Power Flow (pf)
  • Optimal Power Flow (opf), for the Bus Injection Model (BIM) as well as the Branch Flow Model (BFM)

Core Network Formulations

  • AC (polar and rectangular coordinates)
  • SDP BFM relaxation
  • SOC BFM and BIM relaxation (W-space)
  • Linear approximation (LinDist3Flow and simplified unbalanced DistFlow)

Network Data Formats

  • Matlab ".m" files (extended for three-phase)
  • OpenDSS ".dss" files

Warning: This package is under active development and may change drastically without warning.


Community-driven development and enhancement of ThreePhasePowerModels are welcome and encouraged. Please fork this repository and share your contributions to the master with pull requests.


This code has been developed as part of the Advanced Network Science Initiative at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The primary developers are David Fobes(@pseudocubic) and Carleton Coffrin(@ccoffrin) with support from the following contributors,

  • Sander Claeys (@sanderclaeys) KU Leuven, transformer models and ACR formulation
  • Frederik Geth (@frederikgeth) CSIRO, Distribution modeling advise


This code is provided under a BSD license as part of the Multi-Infrastructure Control and Optimization Toolkit (MICOT) project, LA-CC-13-108.

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