A repository for adaptive transport maps
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A Julia package for Bayesian inference with transport maps


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The objective of this package is to allow for easy and fast resolution of Bayesian inference problems using transport maps. The package provides tools for:

  • joint and conditional density estimation from limited samples of the target distribution using the adaptive transport map algorithm developed by Baptista et al. 1.
  • sequential inference for state-space models using one of the following algorithms: the (localized) stochastic ensemble Kalman filter (Evensen 2), the ensemble transform Kalman filter (Bishop et al. 3) and a nonlinear generalization of the stochastic ensemble Kalman filter (Spantini et al. 4).


TransportBasedInference.jl is registered in the general Julia registry. To install, type e.g.,

] add TransportBasedInference

Then, in any version, type

julia> using TransportBasedInference


For examples, consult the documentation or see the Jupyter notebooks in the examples folder.



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