Plot recipe for plotting (decision) trees
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A Plot recipe for plotting (decision) trees.

A plot recipe (based on RecipeBase.jl) to create a graphical representation of a tree. The recipe has originally been designed to plot decision trees, but it is able to plot all sort of trees which conform to the following rules:

  • The tree must be wrapped in an AbstractTrees-interface. I.e. it has
    • to be a subtype of AbstractTrees.AbstractNode{T}
    • implement AbstractTrees.children()
    • implement AbstractTrees.printnode()

See DecisionTree.jl/abstract_trees.jl for an exemplary implementation of the concept. In addition there are examples in the examples-folder which show how the recipe can be applied to plot decision trees from the DecisionTree.jl-package as well as from the BetaML.jl-package.

This approach taken by TreeRecipe ensures that a tree implementation can be plotted without having any dependencies to a graphics package and it ensures furthermore, that the recipe is independent of the implementation details of the tree.

For more information have a look at the article "If things are not ready to use" in Towards Data Science where the basic ideas are explained.

And here you get an impression on how a plot of a decision tree might look like (in this case a DecsionTree with the Iris dataset):


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