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TurbulenceConvection (Single Column Atmospheric Model in Julia) provides a framework for testing parameterizations of clouds and turbulence. It is particularly designed to support eddy-diffusivity mass-flux modeling frameworks.

Information about the EDMF parameterization implemented in TurbulenceConvection can be found in:

Tan, Z., Kaul, C. M., Pressel, K. G., Cohen, Y., Schneider, T., and Teixeira, J. (2018) An extended eddy-diffusivity mass-flux scheme for unified representation of subgrid-scale turbulence and convection. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems. doi

Cohen, Y., Lopez-Gomez, I., Jaruga, A., He, J., Kaul, C., and Schneider, T. (2020) Unified entrainment and detrainment closures for extended eddy-diffusivity mass-flux schemes. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 12, e2020MS002162. doi

Lopez-Gomez, I., Cohen, Y., He, J., Jaruga, A., Schneider, T. (2020) A generalized mixing length closure for eddy-diffusivity mass-flux schemes of turbulence and convection. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 12, e2020MS002161. doi

He, J., Cohen, Y., Lopez-Gomez, I., Jaruga, A., Schneider, T. (2021) An improved perturbation pressure closure for eddy-diffusivity mass-flux schemes. preprint

The code is written in Julia, and was translated from SCAMPy for the commit 496dad0c2438235684823511cacbf5761d6a237c.

Code Contributors (alphabetical): Yair Cohen (Caltech), Jia He (Caltech), Anna Jaruga (Caltech), Colleen Kaul (PNNL) --initial/primary developer of SCAMPy, Charles Kawczynski (Caltech), Ignacio Lopez-Gomez (Caltech), Kyle Pressel (PNNL),

Additional Acknowledgements: Tapio Schneider (Caltech), Joao Teixeira (JPL).

User Installation

Installation is easy:

(@v1.6) pkg> add TurbulenceConvection

TurbulenceConvection.jl requires Julia 1.6 or higher. If you plan to develop TurbulenceConvection.jl, you may want to clone it instead:

git clone https://github.com/CliMA/TurbulenceConvection.jl
cd TurbulenceConvection.jl
julia --project=integration_tests
julia> ]
pkg> instantiate


$ cd TurbulenceConvection.jl

TurbulenceConvection.jl can be run in the same way that SCAMPy used to, given one of the following cases:

  • Bomex
  • life_cycle_Tan2018
  • Soares
  • Rico

with, for example:

julia --project=integration_tests driver/generate_namelist.jl Soares
julia --project=integration_tests driver/main.jl Soares

or by calling our integraion test driver,

julia --project=integration_tests integration_tests/driver.jl --case Soares

or, interactively, with

julia --project=integration_tests
julia> case_name = "Soares" # default is "Bomex"
julia> include(joinpath("integration_tests", "driver.jl"))

Automated plotting

Upon running a particular experiment (described above), comparison plots (against SCAMPy) are automatically generated in, for example, Output.Bomex.01/stats/comparison/.

Table of prognostic and diagnostic variables

  • Prognostic [✓]
  • Diagnostic [x]
  • NA [-]
Variable Grid-mean Environment Updrafts
u [✓] [x] [x]
v [✓] [x] [x]
w [-] [x] [✓]
θ_liq_ice [✓] [x] [✓]
q_tot [✓] [x] [✓]
a [-] [x] [✓]
tke [x] [✓] [-]
θ′θ′ [x] [✓] [-]
q_tot′q_tot′ [x] [✓] [-]
θ′q_tot′ [x] [✓] [-]