Visualization tools for Clawpack simulations with the Julia language
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NOTE: this package is unofficial and the author is not engaged in the Clawpack Development Team.

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VisClaw.jl is a Julia package of the Clawpack visualization tools (see
This allows to draw figures and animations using the Julia language.


  • Julia v1.3.0 or later
  • GMT (Generic Mapping Tools)


  • If you want to plot using GMT.jl, install the GMT in advance. Note that GMT.jl does NOT install the GMT program.

  • You can install the latest VisClaw.jl using the built-in package manager (accessed by pressing ] in the Julia REPL) to add the package.

pkg> add VisClaw


  • In preparation, run some of the Clawpack simulations
    (e.g. chile2010 $CLAW/geoclaw/examples/tsunami/chile2010 and
    ike $CLAW/geoclaw/examples/storm-surge/ike).

  • This package uses either GMT.jl or Plots.jl to plot results of the numerical simulation. Plots.jl is more suitable for a quick check. The following codes generate a spatial distribution of the sea surface height using Plots:

julia> using VisClaw
julia> simdir = joinpath(CLAW, "geoclaw/examples/tsunami/chile2010/_output")
julia> plt = plotscheck(simdir; color=:balance, clims=(-0.5,0.5))
>> Press ENTER with a blank to finish
>> Input a file sequence number you want to plot:
checkpoint time (1 to 19) =

Topography data also can be easily plotted:

julia> topo = loadtopo(simdir)
julia> plt = plotstopo(topo)

See Examples_using_Plots.ipynb and Examples_using_GMT.ipynb for more information.

Plot gallery

The following figures are generated with the Julia scripts in example/ .

using GMT.jl

sea surface elevation

topography and bathymetry

seafloor deformation (dtopo)

wind and pressure fields

using Plots.jl

sea surface elevation

flow velocity

topography and bathymetry

wave gauge

fixed grid monitoring (fgmax)


BSD 3-Clause


Takuya Miyashita
Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University

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