A Julia extension package to Wavelets.jl
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This package is a Julia extension package to Wavelets.jl (WaveletsExt is short for Wavelets Extension). It contains additional functionalities that complement Wavelets.jl, namely


This package is written and maintained by Zeng Fung Liew and Shozen Dan under the supervision of Professor Naoki Saito at the University of California, Davis.


The package is part of the official Julia Registry. It can be install via the Julia REPL.

(@1.7) pkg> add WaveletsExt


julia> using Pkg; Pkg.add("WaveletsExt")


Load the WaveletsExt module along with Wavelets.jl.

using Wavelets, WaveletsExt


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TODO(long term):

  • nD wavelet transforms for redundant and non-redundant versions