Structured way of defining diffusion processes
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A collection of convenient methods for defining diffusion processes and sampling from their laws.

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Key Features

  • Convenient methods facilitating
    • defining diffusion laws
    • forward-sampling their trajectories
    • computing functionals of sampled paths
    • computing gradients of functionals of sampled paths with respect to diffusion parameters or with respect to the starting point of the trajectory
  • A number of predefined diffusion processes that can be immediately loaded in and experimented on


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How To Use

See the documentation.


DiffusionDefinition.jl belongs to a larger suite of packages in JuliaDiffusionBayes designed to facilitate Bayesian inference for diffusion processes. Other packages in this suite consist of:

  • ObservationSchemes.jl: a systematic way of encoding discrete-time observations for stochastic processes
  • GuidedProposals.jl: defining and sampling conditioned diffusion processes
  • ExtensibleMCMC.jl: a modular implementation of the Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithms
  • DiffusionMCMC.jl: Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithms for doing inference for diffusion processes