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A trajectory in the sense of this package is a vector of time points t and a corresponding vector of spatial points x, which are though as locations x[i] of an object at times t[i].

A key decision which has to be made for a time series object, is whether iteration is used to iterate values, pairs or is leveraged for destruction. See issue #1. At the moment, all iteration and destructuring is explicit.

To iterate values xᵢ, pairs (tᵢ, xᵢ) or components (t, x), use values, pairs or Pair

tᵢ in keys(X)
xᵢ in values(X)
(tᵢ, xᵢ) in pairs(X)

t, x = Pair(X)

A second key decision is what constitutes indexing. Also here this package is agnostic: Only key look-up with get is implemented so far.

Trajectories support Tables.jl with columns being a named tuple (t = X.t, x = X.x).