An iteractive DynamicGrids.jl UI for Jupyter, atom, desktop and the web.
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DynamicGridsInteract provides web interfaces for visualising and interacting with simulations from DynamicGrids.jl, and for packages that build on it like Dispersal.jl.

The basic InteractOutput works in the atom plot pane and Jupyter notebooks, and also serves as the core component of other outputs. A Mux.jl web server ServerOutput and a Blink.jl electron app ElectronOutput are also included.

To use:

using DynamicGrids, DynamicGridsInteract

output = InteractOutput(init; 

Where init is the initial array(s) for the simulation and ruleset is the Ruleset to run in simulations.

To show the interface in the Atom plot pane, run display(output).


The interface provides control of the simulation using Interact.jl. It will automatically generate sliders for the parameters of the Ruleset, even for user-defined rules.

To define range limits for sliders, use the @bounds macro from FieldMetadata.jl on your struct. Fields to be ignored can be marked with false using the @flatten macro, and descriptions for hover text use @description.