Julia package providing access to the Fama-French data available on the Ken French Data Library
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A Julia package for easy access to the Ken French Data Library. The Ken French Data Library is one of the most highly used publicly available data sources for financial investments and asset pricing research.

Working with the data is sometimes tedious because the downloadable files come (1) compressed in zip archives and (2) having non-standard csv layouts. This package handles both of those hurdles, allowing users to get to the data faster.


To add the package, type ] add FamaFrenchData at the Julia REPL.

Once added, type using FamaFrenchData to import the package.

The package exports 3 functions: readFamaFrench, downloadFamaFrench, and listFamaFrench.

For help with any of these functions, use ? at the REPL (eg. ?readFamaFrench).


The Fama-French 3 factor model is a commonly used empirical asset pricing model. This example retrieves the full time series of FF3 monthly and annual returns.

using FamaFrenchData, DataFrames

tables, tablenotes, filenotes = readFamaFrench("F-F_Research_Data_Factors")

FF3_monthly = tables[1]
FF3_annual = tables[2]

If you would rather store the file locally (perhaps so your code is reproducible later on), use downloadFamaFrench.

savename = "path/to/my/file.csv"
tables, tablenotes, filenotes = readFamaFrench(savename) # also reads local files

To get a list of all of the available table names, use listFamaFrench.

FFnames = listFamaFrench()

Additional Notes

  • Original files use -99.99 or -999 to encode missing values, I attempt to replace these with missing.
  • Original files have no column heading for column 1, I name this column :Date. It maintains the parsed type of Int because it can take several different forms: 20011231,200112,2001.
  • I have not verified that all tables are parsed correctly.
  • Breakpoints files require the keyword argument header=false


I am not affiliated with the Ken French Data Library. This package does not "ship with" the data, just provides easier access to it. Other than the changes that I have explicitly stated, I do not alter the data; however, it is your responsibility to verify that the data is correct.

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