Geographical plotting utilities for Makie.jl
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Geographic plotting utilities for Makie.jl

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This package is in development and will break often. You can install it from the REPL like so:

]add GeoMakie


using GLMakie
using GeoMakie
using GeoMakie.GeoInterface
using GeoMakie.GeoJSON

    source = LonLat()
    dest = WinkelTripel()
    states = download("")
    states_geo = GeoJSON.parse(read(states, String))
    lons = LinRange(-179.5, 179.5, 360 ÷ 2)
    lats = LinRange(-89.5, 89.5, 180 ÷ 2)
    field = [exp(cosd(l)) + 3(y/90) for l in lons, y in lats]
    fig = Figure()
    ax = fig[1,1] = Axis(fig)
    ax.scene.transformation.transform_func[] = GeoMakie.proj(source, dest)
    wireframe!(ax, lons, lats, field, color=(:gray, 0.2), transparency=true)
    n = length(GeoInterface.features(states_geo))
    lines!(ax, GeoMakie.coastlines())
    poly!(ax, states_geo, color= 1:n, strokecolor = :blue, strokewidth = 1)


These plots can be arbitrarily colored using the color keyword, and the full Makie interface is also exposed.

Check the examples in the test folder for more recent examples of usage.


We use Earcut.jl for added performance when converting polygons to triangular meshes; it decreases time to mesh by an order of magnitude from the Makie implementation.

Since surface has an optimized shader, and can accept matrices of deformed grid points, it's heavily recommended to use it (or mesh if you need the flexibility) over poly.

Planned features

  • A choropleth recipe which can read data from the properties of a FeatureCollection
  • helper functions to extract "columns" of a FeatureCollection

More examples

using GeoJSON, GeoMakie, Makie
states = download("")

states_geo = GeoJSON.parse(read(states, String))

poly(states_geo, strokecolor = :blue, strokewidth = 1)

US simple example