Graph IO functionality for various formats.
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GraphIO provides support to LightGraphs.jl for reading/writing graphs in various formats.

The current version of GraphIO works with Julia version >= 0.7.

Currently, the following functionality is provided:

Format Read Write Multiple Graphs Format Name
[EdgeList] EdgeListFormat
[GML] GMLFormat
[Graph6] Graph6Format
[GraphML] GraphMLFormat
[Pajek NET] NETFormat
[DOT] DOTFormat
[CDF] CDFFormat

[EdgeList]: a simple list of sources and dests separated by whitespace and/or comma, one pair per line. [GML]: [Graph6]: [GraphML]: [Pajek NET]: [GEXF]: [DOT]:

Graphs are read using either the loadgraph function or, for formats that support multiple graphs in a single file, the loadgraphs functions. loadgraph returns a LightGraph object, while loadgraphs returns a dictionary of LightGraph objects.

For example, an edgelist file could be loaded as:

graph = loadgraph("path_to_graph/my_edgelist.txt", "graph_key", EdgeListFormat())